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i am a twenty-something year old graduate student, and this blog features things i love and projects i do. sit and stay awhile, why don'tcha?
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i will update soon, but obviously lots of things have happened over the 4? months i’ve been away :)

i will update soon, but obviously lots of things have happened over the 4? months i’ve been away :)

SOOOOOO the other night I went on a date :)

Blouse: Thrifted, LOFT; Blazer: Charlotte Russe; Belt, skirt, & shoes: Target

So I know that this is a *little* overdressed for a date, but I also had to teach and do some advocacy things so i thought it would be good. 

I had the best time. We went out for sushi and a beer, and we talked for nearly 3 hours. Then he kissed me! He’s been texting me every day since then and we’re going to hang out on Sunday.  I am so happy! :)

I just need to make sure that I’m not rushing in to this, and that I like him. That I like him and not just the fact that someone is wanting me. Also, he’s a little older than me (not more than 10 years older) and I’m not sure he knows that. He knows that I went straight from undergrad to grad school, but I don’t know if he’s put two and two together yet. 

Do you think that age is a deal breaker? I am so happy. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that kiss :)


I will post pics soon :)

time to celebrate!

Sweater: F21; Blouse: Target (last summer); Necklace: American Eagle; Skinny Jeans: Target; Watch: Target

Shoes: Target

Today I wore a lot of blue. It ended up matching my attitude :(

I started out the day on a high. I was at the gym and worked out for 2 hours, I found out I lost 2 lbs, I was proud of myself for standing up to the creepy gym guy (I told him: “When I see you coming to talk to me, I begin to feel uncomfortable, so I’m going to have to ask you to leave me alone from now on.” BAM), and I spent the weekend with someone who had just been sexually assaulted. I felt so proud of everything that I had accomplished without J.

Then reality hit.

The gym people wanted me to write a statement for them and the P O L I C E (?!?!?). Then, my teacher made me feel like an idiot. And my supervisor also made me feel dumb/incompetent because of how I dealt with the person’s sexual assault.

Womp womp. Thus, I am blue.

But I have a date on Wednesday night. With someone new. With someone nice. I’m going to start thinking about what to wear :)

Do you remember this little side table?

I talked about adding some books to the back.

So I went to Goodwill and got 4 books on decorating and gardening for $8! 

I love it :)

I have started working out about 2h/day, and while I’ve noticed a difference in my body, the number on the scale hasn’t changed.


I lost 2 pounds. woot woot!